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My name is Elva Sanchez ; founder and CEO of Sunshine Cleaning. I am a Bronx native with over 15 years of experience in the housekeeping industry. I have carefully selected a team of well experienced,  meticulous cleaners to join my company.  Here at Sunhine Cleaning Services we offer exceptional customer service and pay strong attention to detail, while working in a time efficient manner. Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations every time!  

Customer reviews

"Elva Sanchez has always been extremely reliable, courteous, and punctual. She is very detailed oriented and takes pride in her work. I have never been disappointed with her cleaning service and recommend her in any capacity related to cleaning that is offered to her."

"I have always felt comfortable with Elva as well as Sunshine Cleaning in my home, whether I am present for the cleaning or not. They are a thorough cleaning service that never cut corners, uses harsh chemicals, or makes changes to the house. However, they are creative and flexible. Elva has a very friendly nature that has led to some wonderful moments in sharing anecdotes of our lives. I've always found her to be the perfect blend of professional courtesy consideration, focused, hard-working, and warm cordiality."

-Shirley C.

-Stacey M.

"Sunshine Cleaning is always on time and does wonderful work. They attend to every detail of every object in every room. Elva is kind, compassionate, and has an incredible work ethic. Should you decide to hire her, you can be assured that you will get the best in quality work, but work done with pride and soul."

-Ruth D.C

"Elva Sanchez is very conscientious and pays attention to all the details of the job. She has a lot of experience so there was no learning curve at all. She always arrives on time and ready to go. She is always friendly and warm and willing to take care of anything." 

-Marissa H.

"Elva Sanchez has shown a great work ethic and strong organizational skills. She takes initiative and goes the extra mile. We appreciate her high energy and warm disposition."

-Margarita S

"Elva Sanchez, without question, is the most meticulous, detail-oriented, and efficient cleaner. Elva is not one to just clean surfaces-- she consistently goes the extra mile, and every time she cleans, she does a "deep clean", cleaning inside every crevice and beneath every item. She does not have a "clock-in, clock-out" mentality-- rather, Elva holds herself to incredibly high standards and will stay as long as necessary until she feels comfortable that the work she has performed in my home that day reflects the care and attentiveness that she would give to her own home. She is always respectful, courteous, and discreet, but her warm and friendly personality always shines through nonetheless." 

-Tabitha C

"This is a wonderful service. Elva is a highly efficient and reliable worker. She has a great attitude and it is a pleasure to have someone so conscientious working for us." 


                                                       -Joan O.

Homeshine cleaning

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